Chair for Integrated Digital Systems

The place for innovation, education and collaboration in Integrated Digital Systems.

Innovation and research

Our innovation activities focus on the areas of ​​microelectronics and embedded systems. Our core research is the design of efficient integrated systems; it covers low-power design, SoC architectures and multiprocessor systems. Our mission is to provide technology aware dedicated hardware solutions to increase the efficiency and autonomy of a system by bridging the gap between technology and system architecture. We purposely concentrate our efforts on two areas, low-power and interconnect centric design, to ensure that we cover them completely and addressing all abstraction levels.

Research topics

Our current research topics concentrate on four areas:

  1. Low-Power Design: Low-power coding, stochastic computing, dedicated hardware accelerators, etc.
  2. New Technologies: Vision-Systems-on-Chip, 3D-integration, reversible circuits, nanophotonic technologies, etc.
  3. Multiprocessor Architectures: Networks-on-Chip, Hardware Operative-Systems, massive parallel architectures, etc.
  4. Wireless Sensor Networks Data compression, task scheduling, etc.


The IDS group works actively to disseminate its research results in the scientific community. A list of publications and pre-prints can be found here

Latest publications in journals

    Latest publication in conferences

    Industrial expertise

    The cooperation with industrial partners is of key importance for the IDS. We can supply the state-of-the-art technology, fresh ideas, and expert knowledge providing solutions for the industry’s real-world unresolved problems. Therefore we offer various ways of cooperation

    Consulting service and concept development

    • Contract research
    • Feasibility studies
    • Development of demonstrators and prototypes
    • Architecture definition and implementation of ASICs and FPGA systems
    • Ongoing research project within BMBF or EU projects

    Tutorization of students

    Most of our industrial cooperations start with a pilot project in form of a master thesis. New proposals within this framework are always welcomed; we can also help you to find the matching student for:
    • Master thesis
    • Industrial internship

    Please, do not hesitate to contact us for further discussion regarding your requirements for an ideal, procreative cooperation.


    Here you can find a short description of our current projects. We are always open to new and interesting cooperations with other research institutions or industrial partners. If you are interested, please contact us.


    The IDS group is strongly committed to teaching. Our goal is to provide a solid education that combines a deep theoretical background with the practical skills demanded by companies today. We believe that nowadays an early contact with research is mandatory to address the challenges of our society; therefore our research activities are well reflected in the lectures and laboratories that we offer.


    Degree holders with an excellent master in electrical engineering, computer engineering, or similar and with the motivation to go into scientific research are always welcome to join the team and specialize in the field of Integrated Digital Systems.

    Master/Bachelor thesis

    For those students looking for a thesis for their Bachelor or Master degree we are regularly proposing scientific topics to suit your interests, within the challenging field of Integrated Digital Systems.

    Lectures and labs

    Our research activities are well reflected in the lectures and laboratories that we offer.


    International students who wish to come to Bremen and broaden their horizon by experiencing a scientific challenge in a different culture might consider to join the IDS team.


    IDS is a place of collaboration. Today high-impact research is only possible through the focused work of a complete team and the close collaboration with other research experts.


    Our team, composed of more than ten dedicated scientists and support personal aiming for outstanding research in the field of Integrated Digital Systems, provides the know-how and the skill driving our research projects and industrial cooperations.

    Since April 2010 the group is led by Prof. Alberto Garcia-Ortiz. His background of several years of professional experience in the industry, both, in the area of established multinational companies and start-ups, enables him to build the bridge between industry and research. The wide scientific expertise in the areas of microelectronics and digital design together with his understanding of commercial requirements and needs makes him a valuable partner for joint research projects. A group of technicians, administrative personnel, research assistants and PhD candidates complete the team.

    Organized conferences

    As part of our commitment with the dissemination of scientific results and the collaboration with other institutions, IDS has been actively involved in the organization of several major conferences and workshops. Among them, we have organized PATMOS, VARI, RECOSOC, and MOCAST where Prof. A. Garcia-Ortiz was general chair. He also served as general chair of the TOP2 of EOSAM in 2012 and as program chair of ISCAS in 2021.

    How to reach us


    Institute for Theoretical Electrical Engineering and Microelectronics (ITEM)
    Chair for Integrated Digital Systems (IDS)

    University of Bremen (NW1)
    Otto-Hahn Allee 1
    28359 Bremen Germany

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alberto García-Ortiz

    Tel. +49 (0) 421 218 62533
    Fax. +49 (0) 421 218 9862533
    agarcia (at)